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The First Bicycle Licensed to Legendary Rock Icons KISS®

on April 16, 2017

KISS Bike Sciacallo Bacio

Growing up in the Prairies in the 70's, 80's and 90's was great times.  Long summer nights up at Grand Beach with all of your friends listening to, who else, KISS®.  My best friend Darrell and I were huge KISS® fans and we spent a big part of our lives going to concerts, dressing up at Halloween as our favourite icon (I was always The Star Child) and loving the feeling we got while listen to KISS®.  It's good time Rock n' Roll.  Something to take your mind off things, to relax, to let go.

In the early 80's I started racing bicycles on Manitoba.  My dad, and oldest brother, were cycling fans and I loved the feeling I got when I got on that bright yellow Marinoni 10 speed with Campy Super Record; man that bike made me feel Alive!  I got pretty good, made the Manitoba Provincial Cycling team and even won the Inmont Trophy!  Now, I focus my time to Triathlons and compete in full and half IRONMAN's. The point is, my LOVE of cycling and my LOVE of Kick Ass Rock n' Roll brought me to where we are today.

"She can move you, and improve you" is how the song goes and this bike will help you crush your next bike time.  This Bike Rock's...go buy one!

Milan Skrecek - designer

It took many many years of planning and design but all of us at Sciacallo™ Bikes are honoured to be the company that is making history.  We are the first company to dream up, design and develop a premium Triathlon bicycle licensed to a music based entertainment licensee. KISS® is known for licensing a considerable amount of items but they have never licensed their name to a premium race bicycle.  The Sciacallo™ Bacio (which means the word Kiss in Italian) is a dream bike for any triathlete.  It's made from a combination of T800 and T900 carbon fibre and the frame-set clocks in at only 6.85 lbs.  CeramicSpeed BB86, OSWP System and UFO Chain are standard on all complete bikes with the CeramicSpeed BB86 coming standard on all Frame-sets.

I could go on and on about the time and effort it took to get us to this point.  Years of dealing with prototypes that didn't match the quality it needed to be.  Painters who claim to be the best in the USA, only to fail miserably and ripping us off.  Lot's of time and effort spent, but it's all worth it now.

If you're wondering about the connection well let me explain to those who have never raced bicycles.  There is a feeling you get when you out-do yourself on the bike.  Words like Hammer are used along with Rock. "Man, I just rocked my bike time in that triathlon" has been said many time for as long I can remember.  That is the connection and that is why we created this kick-ass bike.

I am beside myself to being able to share my passion of cycling and my love of hard rock synthesized together.  "She can move you, and improve you" is how the song goes and this bike will help you crush your next bike time.  This Bike Rock's...go buy one!