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Presenting Bacio Bikes to Gene and Paul of KISS®

on May 10, 2017

The view out the window when driving from Las Vegas to Laughlin, NV is pretty boring.  The day was hot and the van told us it was 98 degrees outside.  We just left a great little bike store in Vegas named McGuies that helped us get some air in our tires, Thanks Guys!  The bikes we had in the back of the van were being presented to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Rock Legends KISS® and I was over the moon with excitement.

Our team arrived at the Aquarius Resort Hotel + Casino and we whipped the bikes out of the van when we were valeting our vehicle.  I was surprised to see a swam of KISS fans come up to us to start capturing images of the bike.  "I follow you guys on Instagram and knew you were here" said one KISS® fan.  It's always nice to know people follow our Instagram feed, you should too!

I received a call from Doc McGhee letting me know he was really excited to finally see the bikes.  Doc, for those of you who live under a rock, is best know as the manager for KISS®, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe.  He asked us to bring the bikes backstage now as both Gene and Paul were ready.  We flew out the door and down to the lobby.  There, we stopped for some photo's with fans but then made our way to the Laughlin Event Centre across the street.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, meeting these Icons of Rock Royalty was a childhood dream that was now becoming a reality.  Bucket List Item...check! :)


Paul Stanley was the first one to come out of the dressing room to meet us and have his picture taken with his Sciacallo Bacio.  Right from the start he loved the bike and was quite taken back at how light it was.  During the photo shoot he picked up the bike in a similar way people pick up an empty carton of milk...almost hitting himself in the face.  He was a complete professional during his impromptu photoshoot with his custom made triathlon bike.

Paul Stanley holding Sciacallo Bacio triathlon bike

When Gene Simmons came out of his dressing room to check out his bike, he was more visibly impressed with the Bacio and uttered "Well, alright" at the site of this beast.

Gene Simmons holding his Sciacallo Bacio triathlon bike

Gene asked a lot of questions about the bike, it's cost, the weight, how sales were going; and was really impressed with the final product.  His photoshoot was shorter as KISS® was due to be on stage in minutes.  Both Gene and Paul posed for a couple of photos with their bikes together which we're planning to use for marketing.  Hope you all enjoy the exclusive images.

Gene and Paul of KISS® with their Triathlon Bikes

On a side note, I ran into a friend of mine, from High School, backstage.  His name is Brent Fitz.  Brent is a multi-instrumental recording artist from Winnipeg and one of the nicest guys you'll ever get to meet.  Brent was there with his wife and friend (I think his name was James) and they were there meeting their room mate Eric Singer, the drummer for KISS®.  Small world.

Brent Fitz backstage at KISS concert