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How to buy a Sciacallo Bike online.

on November 09, 2016

Buying a Sciacallo Bike Online.

In this day and age, buying a bike can be as easy as visiting your favorite bike brands website and clicking a button. Direct-to-consumer online bike sales, like SciacalloBikes.com, have been around for a few years, and the biggest bike makers in the world can no longer rely exclusively on dealer networks to sell to retail customers. As such, online sales are expected to expand to more manufacturers, and become available to more people.

We understand that some shoppers will still want the personal touch only a local dealer can offer, consumer-direct bike sales come in direct response to today's rapidly changing purchasing trends. The average American did 46 percent of their holiday shopping last year online, rather than in stores. The data is limited on online bike sales, but we fully understand the market and demand to save and time and money over store bought bicycles.

“There’s an emerging consumer class that are digital natives,” says Trek spokesman Eric Bjorling. “Bike shops will still be pillars of community, but you’ll see more and more bikes sold online.”

The benefits of purchasing a bike online are saving time and money. You aren’t bound to a retailer’s store hours of operation or overhead, and you can make a purchase decision on your own time, and in the comfort of your home or workplace. For a buyer who knows exactly what they want, this can be an enticing option.

That said, there are factors you’ll want to consider:

 How do you get the right size frame?

Probably the top question asked is, 'What’s the right size for me?' “If someone doesn’t know what they need, we can walk them through the purchasing process, like a shop would,” says Milan Skrecek – Director of Design & Development at Sciacallo Bikes. “95 percent of triathletes know their correct size and our frame size chart is very detailed. I appreciate people’s anxiety over this, but it’s extremely rare. Since we started selling online, we never had a return for a wrong size frame.”

If you don’t know your correct frame size, you can go get a basic bike fitting at a local shop. You’ll be supporting that shop, without the obligation to buy a new bike from them, and you’ll have comfort in knowing that you’re at least getting the right size frame.

How will you assemble the bike when it arrives?

Sciacallo Bikes will ship your beautiful bike to you in a number of ways. If you purchased the frameset only, we will ship the frame directly to you. If you selected components with your frameset, we can ship the bike directly to you OR ship it to a bike shop in your area that will assist you with final assembly. Shipping a bike AND components costs a little more, but the bikes are professionally built and prepped prior to shipping, so you’ll be ready to ride within 30 minutes of opening the box.

Home assembly amounts to installing the handlebars and pedals, attaching the front wheel, and inserting the seat post; it takes only a few minutes. 

What if you have a problem, or need warranty help?

Check the box for obvious signs of tampering or damage, like an errant rear derailleur poking through a hole. Often, matters of shipping damage are the responsibility of the recipient and delivery service, but notify both the seller and the shipper immediately. Shipping damage is pretty rare: If the bike is properly packed, even a standard cardboard shipping box will protect your new ride.

 “We get a number of questions about returns,” says Skrecek. “Our policy is very straightforward: We stand behind everything we sell with a 2 year warranty, even on the wheels.”

Where will you get your bike tuned up or serviced?

Any professional bike shop can work on your Sciacallo Bike.

The retail bike environment is changing dramatically. Within five years from now, most bikes will still be sold in physical stores, but individuals who want to save time and money will purchase their bikes online.

Customers are experienced, knowledgeable cyclists who know exactly what they want and have no trouble clicking “Buy” on a $6,000 purchase.

We are here to help you make an educated purchase and here to help. Contact us today if you have any questions about any of the bikes we offer.